Dienstag, 15. März 2011

No Man

I know, it's gone pop in germany, but before everybody knew about it it was pretty awesome.
We used a similar effect in an ad for a razor (sorry, i cant post the actual ads because they are copyrighted...and i work in this buisness, i know how this is :/). The Video is pretty awesome, but german, so i'm sorry for you guys if you dont get the jokes :D

Awesome montage :)
I was guest in the production studio when it got edited. I learned pretty much. But you know, there are lots of editors out there, and the most professional are those who edit car-ads. It's a lot of hard work to get to know the rythm such an video needs.

BTW: Edited on Avid Media Composer

The Red One

See this?

THIS is one hell of a Camera. Love working with these. But the 5D Mark II is the uprising Star in the Buisness of Corporate-Movie making. Love it too, but the handling is kinda awkward because its a Photocamera. But a good choice for everyone if you like photos and movie-making, too.


Pixels by Patrick Jean.

I saw this Video during a Production of a Ad-Spot we did for a Banana-Company. It was used for a mood-cut so people could get a grip on the intention  our spot will have.
I found it very impressive, and i still do :)

BET.DE is a wonderful resource for everything related to broadcast-technology.

Sorry, only in german :/

Begin of a new era

So my Blog just started :)

Feeling good about this. Going to post Stuff I learned during Film-making.

But first i need to learn Blogger a bit more ;)